Bute-Pascal aftermath

The Fight

So I finally got the big Canadian fight that was made about a year ago.

Was I pleased by it? I can say absolutely not. To many, I’m coming across as a sore-loser sort of Bute fan, but I think I can justify my standpoint mainly because the fight was pretty garbage for such a highly promoted/anticipated “event”.


It seems at this point that Lucian Bute is useless at 175, and has no reason to be considered a top-level dude, furthermore; he shouldn’t be in with top-level dudes. So what exactly is left for him? Not sure. It seems funny to consider retirement given that he’s only 33 and he was considered one of the best super-middleweights in the world (perhaps a naive premature evaluation) not even 2 years ago. Perhaps he should migrate back down to 168. That would be one option, depending on how comfortable he still feels at that weight.

Will he still sell tickets? Maybe, but there’s only so much that people will pay to see a guy that everyone knows is a lower tier fighter knocking out contenders that never had a shot.

He can possibly be fun at lower level, but that’s depressing. On that same point, Grachev was considered to be on a somewhat lower level, but Bute struggled throughout the fight, and it was just plain frustrating to watch.


Too many fools are exiting the show thinking that good ol’ Roy Jones jr. is the savior/mechanic of Jean Pascal’s style, but I don’t believe that to be true. I believe that Jean Pascal would have beaten Lucian Bute the same way he did, with or without the future hall-of-famer in his corner on Saturday night.

For the most part, we saw the same old Jean Pascal that we are all accustomed to: a guy that leaps in viciously with inaccurate power shots at an incredibly inconsistent pace, who fades in the later rounds.

Many saw the lead left hook and screamed “THAT’S ROY! THAT’S ROY!”, but I advise these people to look at any number of Pascal’s bouts prior to Saturday night.

The Future 

Looking forward, I’m still confident on seeing some fun stuff in the sport from Canada. Adonis Stevenson is the obvious conversation piece, and rightfully so. He’ll most likely be matched with Sergey Kovalev for a lucrative HBO show. It’s also possible that we may have another “Canadian Showdown” if Stevenson is matched against Pascal, but I don’t think that we’ll get this in 2014 (let’s not forget Pascal’s gross tendencies of inactivity). I’m also not sure it will sell as well as the Bute fight (people really loved Bute). I could be wrong though…the “SU-PER-MAN! SU-PER-MAN!” chants are growing louder and louder with each show, and I love that.

Many seem to think that Stevenson is avoiding Kovalev simply based on his post-fight statements after defeating Bellew, but I don’t believe that is the case, due to several interviews that have been collected afterwards. Stevenson seems to want to fight Hopkins and Froch because he actually believes that they are the bigger more fan-friendly names. Montreal also seemed to have no problem with these two when he announced them. Many also forget that he stated that “If the money is right” he has “no problem” in facing Kovalev. He brought up no issues with promoters/management to dodge the question like fighters usually do when they are actually “ducking” another fighter.

I, alongside many others, am more interested in the Kovalev fight (for Stevenson)

Aside: Can we please try bumping David Lemieux up a level again!?

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One Response to Bute-Pascal aftermath

  1. Such a let down for a fight that what built up massively! Bute looked lost from the first bill and won it for Pascal

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